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    About Us

      YingKou JiuXin Machinery CO., LTD is an enterprise specialized in designing and manufacturing cold bending forming machines, which has been dedicated to the research, development and manufacture of metal sheet cold bending machines and special equipment of security doors for many years. It has been enjoying a leading research and development capacity in the industry with its main products applied in manufacturing doors, windows and so on.

      The company is located in the mid-southern coastal city of LiaoNing Province – YingKou with an area of more than 10000 square meters. It enjoys strong technical force and complete matching network, which can meet customers’ requirements on product quality and production period to the greatest degree. What’s more, it provides its customers with qualified pre-sale and post-sale service and promptly solves the practical problems its customers meet during production.

      Its objective is: Being livened by credit; being guided by innovation; being backed by quality; being guaranteed by service.

    The company will be committed to continuously improving the production process and quality of products, and constantly developing new products to maintain the competitiveness of the market. It is moving in the direction of modern enterprises and advancing with time.
    With "sincerity, pragmatism, high quality and efficiency" as the enterprise purpose, we will serve people from all walks of life wholeheartedly.
    YingKou JiuXin Machinery CO., LTD
    Add: No.91 Jinghu West Road Xishi Industrial Park YingKou City LiaoNing Province TEL:0417-4892798 4896965 15904173855 Email:jxykln@163.com
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